The International Order of Gnostic Templars


On an October night in 2004, I was visiting my parents on the other side of town in north Phoenix. After dinner, I started surfing the Internet to see what I could dig up about some of the fascinating, esoteric topics I had recently been introduced to.  I searched for articles on the history of Freemasonry and found myself looking into the Knights Templar, the predecessors of the Freemasons. I read that there were three degrees of the Knights Templar that exist today within what is called the York Rite of Freemasonry. While browsing several sites on various orders around the world that exist today, I stumbled on the site of the International Order of Gnostic Templars or the IOGT.


Of all places around the world their headquarters could be, it was in Sedona, Arizona, only an hour and a half drive from my house. Sedona is internationally known for the uplifting power of its vortex meditation sites. The sites are said to be enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and exploring one’s relationship with one’s soul and the divine. That was a perfect environment for me.


What caught my attention was that it was an order dedicated to the revival of Gnostic Wisdom of the original Knights Templar; deep stuff. They sought to complete the mission of the original Templars by working to show the common links between the spiritual traditions of the East and West. They were dedicated to living in accordance with the ideal of the spiritual warrior, one who is able to effectively, and without fear, meet any and all challenges that life places in his/her path.


I said to myself, “That was me, Mr. Neutron, the spiritual warrior!”  I knew that if I wanted to carry out my presidential manic missions, I had to do it with ancient wisdom and God guiding my way, kind of like ‘the Jedi Force’ in Star Wars.

I also learned the IOGT is associated with the World Alliance for Planetary Enlightenment, which is an affiliation of people and organizations who are dedicated to the creation of a new society and spirituality throughout the Earth. It is composed of Religious Sects, Mystical Orders, Indigenous Cultures and many individuals who were currently answering the call to evolve humanity and unite all the divergent sects and nations into a one-world family.  I said, “Have no fear, Mr. Neutron is in the house.”  I was eating up every word.  I was practically drooling with excitement.


Without fear or hesitation, I e-mailed the Grand Prior of the IOGT order, Mr. Ahmaroo, to set up a meeting to discover more about Gnosticism and the Knights Templar. I had been taught a little about the early Christian Gnostics from the Jesuits at University of San Francisco but didn’t really grasp the essence of what they stood for or did.


Mr. Ahmaroo, his wife Andrea, Mariam and I decided to meet at a coffee shop in the downtown area of Sedona.  Mariam and I entered first. While we were waiting I caught the eye of a man about the same age as I.  His eyes opened wide and he approached me.  He said he knew me.  I said,” Okay. From where?” He says right away, “You were a pharaoh in a previous life.” I replied, “Oh really. And what does that mean for me?” He said, “You are destined for greatness in this life. Wow, I am privileged to be in your presence.”  Then we shook hands, exchanged names and went our own way.  I brushed it off, primarily because I didn’t believe in reincarnation and past lives at the time. It stuck in the back of my mind though for when I went to Egypt later.


After that strange exchange, Mr. and Mrs. Ahmaroo walked in through the doorway.  We sat down and got to know one another a little before we started to get into the talking about the order.  Mr. Ahmaroo had just authored the book called the Guardians of the Holy Grail which is about how the Knights Templar guarded the secrets of the Grail and the actual Grail itself.  I, like many, understood the Grail to be the cup that was used to fill the blood of Jesus on the cross when he was pierced with the spear, but the essence of what the Grail actually was or represented, was still unknown. The book alleges the Holy Grail existed thousands of years before Christ and was passed on through a through a lineage including John the Baptist, Jesus Christ and John the Apostle. It was really an alchemical energy called Kundalini held by a specific person or object.  I started to relate the Kundalini energy with my manic energy and that I had a special alchemical power that was handed down through the ages.


I was certainly intrigued by the whole scenario and was very impressed with Mr. and Mrs. Ahmaroo’s knowledge and ability to cite references.  Another aspect of the order I liked was that, not only was it international, it allowed women as members. Freemasonry does not allow women in the ritual work. There were many overtones of Freemasonry in the IOGT, but the IOGT was more encompassing. The IOGT was operating under the auspices of the Scottish Knights Templar, one of the oldest secret societies in the world. I thought the order might be a more elite group with more secretive knowledge than the American Freemasons.

Certainly, that is what Mr. Ahmaroo had me believe before I left the meeting.


I bought his book that night and had him autograph it for me. I immediately started reading it when I got home. From the intro through the ending, my jaw was wide open. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It was an epiphany like finding life on Mars or something. Unlike the Da Vinci Code, the content was purportedly fact based with hundreds of references to noted works in the bibliography.


In his story, the Grail is sort of an indwelling spiritual force called Kundalini or Holy Spirit that, when awakened, ultimately bestows the state of Divine Union with God for those that are seeking truth. We all possess this energy; however historically, it manifested itself more in some people more than others. The energy can be passed on from one person to another. There were and are lineages of this energy throughout the ages, for example John the Baptist passed the energy to Jesus, who passed it on the St. John the Evangelist and other disciples, and perhaps, to his very own bloodline, namely his wife Mary Magdalene.  There is evidence he may have had a wife and children prior to his death on the cross.


This was all news to me; a real mind blower to say the least. Something started to click with me. When I was in Switzerland and Miami and I thought I was Christ himself. Now I was thinking I was imbued with that special Kundalini energy that created the Divine Union. I did some research and discovered that Christian mystics claim that the soul may be lifted into a divine union with God so close and so complete that it is merged in the being of God and loses the sense of any separate existence. That sounded like my experience. I was God Himself striving to attain my full potential within; therefore, I was the Ruler of the Universe or, you could say, Bruce Almighty.


At that juncture, all I wanted was more knowledge. In addition to wanting to learn about history, myth and lore, I wanted to piece together an explanation as to what was going on in my head such as why I thought God was telling me to become President in 2012. I believed now that I had godlike powers that I had to tap into. In retrospect, this was dangerous, potentially toxic information for a guy with bipolar disorder.


After reading Mr. Ahmaroo’s book and meeting him a few times later, he invited my wife and me to petition to be part of the order. I had a new manic mission; to be knighted in the IOGT outside of Edinburg, Scotland at Rossyln Chapel, which was made famous worldwide by the Da Vinci Code. The chapel was built in the fifteenth century by the Sinclair family who were descendants of the original Knights Templar from the twelfth century. According to the Da Vinci Code, their bloodline stretches back to Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

33rd Birthday Party at the 33rd parallel, 11/06/04


My thirty-third birthday was coming up and I wanted to do something special with my friends and family. I had been working on putting together my presidential platform and thought that a clever and comedic way to share it with my friends was to create an official political party called the Mr. Neutron’s Global Party. It had global in it because I wanted to rule the entire globe. I had spoken with my younger sister Jenny about the idea and she loved it.  She went so far as to sew together a special Neutron costume for the occasion.


As I had done before five years to the day, I rented a huge army tent and erected it on the shore of Lake Pleasant, Arizona for my thirty-third birthday party.  My friends all brought camping equipment. I supplied music, decorations and a big BBQ grill. About thirty of my best friends came from far and wide to help celebrate with me.


This year held more significance to me because I was turning the age that Jesus had died. I thought it was going to be the year I was recognized as the resurrected Jesus that came back to earth. In my mind, it wasn’t Jesus’ body that was to return, it was his soul in the form of some kind of reincarnation and I was Thee Dude. His spirit was taking over my body and I was transforming into the real true Christ that died on the cross. My thought was that his Kundalini spirit was so strong that his followers could actually see his Holy Ghost after he supposedly rose from the dead. In my right mind, I could believe that story more than the legend that he rose from the dead and his body ascended to Heaven.  He was a visible spirit, perhaps. 


Joining an Order in Rosslyn Chapel


In mid-December of 2004, my wife and I traveled to Edinburg, Scotland to become initiated into the International Order of Gnostic Templars in Rosslyn Chapel. It had been the focus of many special quests throughout the centuries and is thought to hold a number of long lost secrets. It is believed by many to house everything from the Ark of the Covenant, the mummified head of Christ, the Holy Grail, a Black Madonna, lost scrolls from the Temple of Jerusalem, the treasures of the Knights Templar, and much more, deep within its vaults. For years many have speculated about what, if anything, may have been hidden at Rosslyn, who put it there, and why. Others remain skeptical, saying that until the vaults are actually excavated, no one can say for sure. There have been many theories about the chapel and the secrets it may hold. History, myth and legend seem to be all intertwined when dealing with Rosslyn.


The Initiation Ceremony

On the evening of December 15, 2004, Mariam and I were initiated as Gnostic Templars into the IOGT. The ceremony started out with a long procession of initiates, Scottish Knight Templars and Freemasons. There were several bagpipers blaring beautiful Scottish music into the air. Wearing miters like a Pope would have, Mr. and Mrs. Ahmaroo conducted the ceremony along with a member of the Sinclair Clan who was the Initiator and Worthy Commander of the IOGT, Ian Sinclair. All of the initiates were wearing white gloves and white capes called mantles.


One by one, each initiate took a solemn oath to the Order at the altar that must remain secret. When we were all finished with the oath, we gathered in a circle and proceeded to drink wine from a replica of a human skull representing John the Baptist, the Patron of the IOGT. After each of us sipped the wine, we said, “To the honor and glory of the Order.” After the ceremony, we had about an hour to view the chapel, which is like a living museum.  It was said to contain relics from the original Knights Templar and New Testament in its crypts such as the body of Mary Magdalene, the head of John the Baptist, or even possibly the body of Jesus Christ.

The Name Game of the Holy Grail Couple


While I was at the ceremony, I was fixating on the peculiar nature of the names in the family and came up with a wilder than crazy conclusion.  The names were all biblical which was commonplace given that both Mariam’s and my family were Catholics. Joseph was the father of Jesus. My father’s name is Joseph. Does that make me Jesus? Mary was the Mother of God.  My mother’s name is Mary.

According to some scholars, Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus. My wife was Mariam, which was the Aramaic name for Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

Mariam’s mother was named Magdalena, which was a mind blower, but I wasn’t sure what to conclude. Mariam’s godfather was Jose de Jesus or “Joseph of Jesus”.  I was perplexed.

My last name was very peculiar as well. Driessen.  I first half was “Drie”, which I concluded meant “Three or third” because of the German word for three is “Drei”. “Sen” at the time to me meant “Son of” or Son. So was I the Third Son of God?  Who was the second? Then I remembered that Jacques de Molay, the Grand Master of the Templars, was the Second Son of God from that masonic book. Then should I change my name to “Jesus or Jacques”?   I became so darn confused.

Although I was fitting a square peg in a round hole in some cases, the overall picture seemed to line up. The conclusion I drew was that Mariam and I were the Holy Grail Couple directly descending from the lineage of Jesus and Mary.


Even though all of this going through my head, I never cracked and I never mentioned a peep. From time to time I would “fall out of character” with Mariam and blurt out something preposterous that was so off the wall to her, she just dismissed it.  I went through with the procession, became a Squire in the order, and we safely returned to Phoenix. The fact that I was living in Phoenix, which is the mythical bird symbolizing the resurrection, I thought it was fitting.