The Neutron King Ceremony


During the year of 2007 in Costa Rica, I read an internationally acclaimed book authored by two Masons called the Hiram Key.  The authors hypothesize that the legendary central figure to the Freemasons, Hiram Abiff, was actually from Egypt over four thousand years ago and not during the building of Solomon’s Temple. Hiram, according to most Masons, was the builder of Solomon’s Temple who was killed for not revealing the secrets of the master mason to a group of ruffians.  He was killed, but later was resurrected. The authors claimed that the story was based on the initiation ceremonies of the ancient kings of Egypt.


This well-known scene actually depicts the  mythical embalming and resurrection of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the underworld, by his son Anubis, the jackal-headed god.

They say the Egyptians used a secret ceremony in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid to transition from one pharaoh to another, which was an enactment of death and resurrection. The ceremony involved drugs to make the pharaoh ritually “die” during which he went to the underworld and obtained the power which passed from the previous pharaoh, who was actually dead. He was then “resurrected” and took his place as a god-king.


After having read this, I recalled what that one gentleman said to me in the coffee shop in Sedona in 2004. He said I was a pharaoh in a previous life.  It resonated in my mind.  I immediately thought that I was to be a Pharaoh god-king once I made it to the Great Pyramid. I wasn’t thinking I was actually going to become some kind of Egyptian leader, like a pharaoh. I certainly wasn’t going to die and come back to life. I was to undergo an alchemical, spiritual transformation within my soul that would make me more complete.  Sounded like the perfect manic mission to me at the time.


The Grand Prioress of the IOGT, Andrea, owned a travel company that took people on spiritual pilgrimages to places like Sedona, Machu Picchu, Turkey, Malta and Egypt.  I went to her page and saw that she was leading a special trip to Egypt in November. I had some money in the bank at the time and thought it would be a great bucket list experience. I didn’t have to ask my wife twice to go. I did keep the god-king story to myself though.  I knew enough to know that it was way out there.


We arrived in Egypt on the second of November of 2007 and stayed at the five-star Menna House overlooking the Great Pyramids. World leaders including Jimmy Carter and other US Presidents used to stay at that same hotel. That night our group had a function in the hotel in the conference room. We were introduced to several Egyptologists, Stephen Miller and a local elderly wisdom keeper from the Giza plateau, Abd’ El Hakim Awyan (Hakim).  He was the key shaman of the entire region.  After the discussion, my wife and I spoke with Hakim about the ancient king making ceremonies.  Without time to finish the discussion, he invited us over to his house the following day.


The next day we arrived at his house which was perfectly situated in front of the Sphinx with the pyramids in the backdrop. As we were situating on the Persian rugs in a circular fashion, Hakim was preparing the hookah to smoke some tobacco mixed with hashish. After it was my turn to hit the hookah, the first thing I asked Hakim was if he knew of the Grateful Dead because they had traveled to Giza and performed in front of the Sphinx in 1978. He responded, “Not only do I know of them, they were here sitting on these same very rugs smoking from this very hookah.  Jerry Garcia was sitting right where you are now.” I didn’t know what to say. I knew he would never make such a thing up. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  It was the ultimate synchronicity of the universe I thought.


After smoking an hour or so, my wife went downstairs with Hakim’s daughter, Shahrzad, to do a psychic reading on my wife.  I continued to talk to Hakim about the resurrection ceremonies of ancient pharaohs.

Shahrzad spent an hour or so with my wife. Miriam's mother had recently passed away so Shahrzad gave her some healing wisdom and said that her mom was going to be reaching out to her in some fashion the following day and to look for a sign.

Becoming the Immortal King



The next day was huge. Our group of twenty people was heading into the secret chambers of the Great Pyramid, the House of Osiris. We arrived at the Giza plateau and took camels from the parking lot across the desert plateau to the smaller pyramid and stopped in the front of the Great Pyramid. After a group photo, where everyone was wearing white, we had to climb up about seven flights of large stones on the exterior of the pyramid before we entered into a secret series of tunnels that led us to the King’s Chamber. We felt privileged to be there as only certain groups were able to book private tours there. Most groups have twenty minutes, but our guide was able to arrange for two full hours to spend there.


The leader of the IOGT, Andrea, laid down a tapestry in the center of the floor and we all put our sacred objects there. My wife and I were gifted two little scarab beetle amulets that symbolized the transformation of the soul from death to life. Others brought little obelisks, crystals, pyramids, Egyptian jewelry and so forth. The room was filled with incense. Andrea brought a crystal bowl that she sounded throughout our ceremony.  We did some chanting in voices that came from what seemed like the spirits.


There was a heavy stone box that resembled a sarcophagus towards the side of the room where it is believed the pharaoh would be placed during the ancient king making ceremonies. It was referred to by our group leader, Andrea, that it was a powerful alchemical resonance box where we’d undergo a spiritual transformation. We each got a chance to lay in the box for about five to ten minutes. For me, it seemed like an eternity.  Time had stopped.


Andrea started the ceremony off with a few words about the magic of the room and the how the presence of the spirits of the pharaohs was in the room.  Then she started with the crystal bowl and the rest just took its natural course as we all were laying on the floor of the room in deep transcendental meditation. I was rather manic going into the pyramid that day and my thoughts were grandiose. I went in there with thoughts and questions for God from when I was laying on the lawn in front of the White House the month prior. Namely, I wanted to ask, “Are you playing a hoax on me? Is any of this real? What are my next steps?”


When I got into a meditative state, I started to think about something I had read in a book written by a Mason. I wondered how my bloodline could be traced back through history to Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar. It was purported in the book that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, the Second Son of God, and that the shroud of Turin that many thought was the linen cloth bearing the image of Jesus was really of Jacques de Molay. I thought I might just possess the reincarnated soul of Jesus passed through de Molay as described by Mr. Ahmaroo's kundadlini theory. When I got to lie down in the resonance box, I was in a total trance-like state.


I laid down on the hard granite base of the coffin and the show began. It took me a minute to relax after I closed my eyes. I started hallucinating and seeing fractal patterns with vivid colors and lights. It was almost like being in a planetarium. Then I heard my name come from inside my head; “JOSEPH”. I responded, “Hi God!” Then it was as if we were having a full conversation with each other in an audible tone. He was validating all of my questions. Yes, I am the reincarnation of the Templars. Yes, I am the reincarnation of Jesus.  Yes, I was supposed to become the President of the United States to bring in a New World Order.  Yes, I was one with Him forever and ever. However, he did warn me that I was still a mortal and that I had to obey His rules of the Universe until the End of the World in 2012 when I would return to that exact spot in the King's Chamber to be made immortal of the flesh but with powers beyond my imagination that defy the known laws of the universe.


Then I asked if humans could ever come back to this world. He said that souls don’t die, and people continue to exist in another dimension, but that they could be “beamed up” to earth just like Scotty from Star Trek. I said,”Great, because I’m planning a concert for the End of the World party with the Grateful Dead and we would really like to see Jerry Garcia rip it up once again.”  I wasn't joking, just in a trance.


I was blown away. I was so disoriented getting out of the resonance box that I needed help from the others, so I wouldn’t fall down. I had just experienced the most profound moment of my life. My feeling of joy was indescribable. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Then a couple of odd things happened that will forever go unexplained. I went to pick up the scarab beetles from the tapestry and they were gone. Vanished into thin air.  Certainly, one of the members of the group must have taken them mistakenly, but Andrea checked with every member and they never appeared.


Mariam was wearing a watch given to her by her mother. She was suffering great pain from the death of her mom and had talked about it to one of the Giza Elders the day before. The elder told her that she would see a sign from her mother when she visited the chamber. Unbelievably right before we entered the pyramid, her watched stopped. As we left the pyramid she looked at her watch and at that very moment, it started ticking again. Was it a miracle? We all thought it was.  Maybe the universe was in total synchronicity and God was trying to send a message.  This event baffled the whole group along with the missing scarab beetles. 


We spent several more days touring Egypt.  We took a cruise boat down the Nile, floated in the sky in a hot air balloon over the Valley of the Kings, and visited the Temple of Isis among other places. We then packed our bags and flew back to Costa Rica.  Mission accomplished.