End of the World Party


I flew back from Milwaukee to Phoenix around the middle of November. Unlike the previous visits to psychiatric hospitals, this time I was feeling fine, in fact, great. In retrospect, they hadn’t gotten all of the ‘crazy’ out of me in the hospital because I was still focused on the End of the World party. This time I was going to have it in a large showroom at the local Indian casino.  Instead of the real Grateful Dead and Phish playing, I was going to have tribute bands, Xtra Ticket and Freezer.

Well, because of my hospitalization, I missed the application deadline and my partner and I lost our spot at the killer venue. I had invited all of the Masonic brothers from my lodge along with the members of the Templar organization. I was going to invite the Thunderbird alumni to come, but I had, instead, used my card with them to pitch my candidacy for President. I had told a few people from my hippy scene to come as well.


So given that I had to find a different venue on short notice, I chose my usual hangout in Phoenix called the Sail Inn with my whole family of hippy friends that I had come to know and love over the previous two years. I was going to have people in costumes wearing alien or superhero outfits, but I couldn’t get the word out fast enough. In the end, it was just a typical concert played by Xtra Ticket. No costumes. No frills. Just Grateful Dead music all night and some banter regarding the End of the World.  That was it after all that buildup. I had a ball, but left thinking that it fell too far from my original expectations of becoming the Son of God that day in Egypt and bringing Jerry Garcia back to life to play a concert.


Back to the Drawing Board


After nothing substantial happened at the End of the World, I was sort of disappointed, but I felt I had the chance to get a fresh start. I didn’t have any more grandiose plans in store, but I wasn’t going to give up completely on throwing Neutron Timewave events. The year 2013 passed by quickly without any disruptions in the force. I worked hard at applying for jobs, but only got rejections. I would say that I got used to rejection and not getting what I wanted in 2013.  I realized that I could make small things happen if I aimed big, but not too big.


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Thundercruise 2015


In February of 2014, I decided it was finally time to get the Neutron Timewave events underway once again and gather a huge group of friends from Thunderbird to go on a Caribbean cruise. Unlike when I first had the idea of a global cruise, I was thinking clearly during this period and didn’t have thoughts about Thunderbirds trying to bring a message of peace to the ports we called on.  I approached the Director of Alumni Relations at Thunderbird to promote the event to the entire school. She was receptive to the idea and helped out marketing the event to the entire alumni body of 40,000. I worked my ass off making calls, sending e-mails and Facebook messages. I had expected that well over two hundred people would want to go.  As time went on, I had hundreds of people interested, but most of them had reasons why they couldn’t go. In the end, I only got twenty-two people to join me, for which I was actually thankful. Any more would have been overwhelming for just me to manage logistics.


In mid-February of 2015, we all met in Ft. Lauderdale for a luncheon with the new President of Thunderbird, Dr. Morrison. Then we boarded the ship and set sail for Belize and Mexico. The trip was a smashing success as I had everything lined up for us from a Mardi Gras party to catamaran sailing to scuba diving with large sharks. I came home with pride and a sense of accomplishment that I hadn’t experienced in six years.  I even was able to generate a little spending cash from it all.

Amma, the Hugger



In the beginning of July of 2015, I was on my way to see the 50th reunion of the Grateful Dead at Soldier


Field in Chicago, Illinois.  I was spending the summer in Milwaukee and took the train down.  I met up


with my buddy, Jimmy, the nephew of George HW Bush’s Chief of Staff.


What a Long Strange Trip

On the 4th of July, the Grateful Dead reunited ..........



The last event of the Neutron Timewave series as of the date of publishing was a return to Las Vegas, Nevada in October of 2015. Las Vegas was the backdrop of an unofficial, fun-filled Thunderbird reunion the weekend of October 16.  Thirty Thunderbird alumni came out for the event and we had a blast.

Although we didn’t have the Charlie Sheen suite this time, we did it in style at the same place where Mariam and I renewed our vows in 2009, Planet Hollywood on Las Vegas Boulevard. Incidentally, Mariam did not attend. We pretty much hit the night clubs, strip clubs and casinos along with a party in the luxury suite. The event was a smash just like the cruise. I was given kudos from Alumni Relations which gave me a rare sense of accomplishment.