Delusions of Grandeur

You'll read in the Manic Missions of Mr. Neutron how I was completely delusional during several episodes of mania and psychosis.  As it turns out, these delusions are quite scary, yet commonplace for people with bipolar disorder.  


The following video below produced by Sean Blackwell talks about common delusions suffered during manic episodes.


1.) Believing that you're dead, dying or being reborn.


2.) Believing your are Jesus Christ or a Messiah.  "We are trading the delusion of the ego that 'we suck' with our culture's strongest symbol of sacredness or perfection.  

3.) The third most common delusion is thinking that we know everything - perfect knowledge.  It's like you're having one big great nuclear 'aha' moment.    

In my case, I thought I was Jesus Christ, a Messiah or the omniscient Ruler of the Universe capable of being anything including the most powerful man on the earth, the President of the United States.  I described it further in the book, but these delusions only last as long as my mania lasts, but they pick right up where they left off from the previous mania.  That can be weeks and even months of operating under the delusion that my mission is to become President.  In my manic states, I would put together my Presidential website with my wacky political platform on it.  My right mind fought with the mental illness, but I still made poor decisions like print out Presidential business cards that I'd hand out to friends, family and the general public.  


You can imagine the personal humiliation I face when I come down from these episodes and people ask me how the campaign is still going.  But instead of backing down, I own it.