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“My name is Mr. Neutron, the most dangerous and terrifying man in the world. I hold the strength of an army and the wisdom of all the greatest scholars in history. I have the power to blow up the world in the wink of an eye. Nobody knows from which strange and distant planet I hailed from or wherever I was going, but wherever I would go, terror and destruction were sure to follow. Mr. Neutron, the man whose incredible power made him the most feared man of all time, waits for his moment in history to utterly destroy this little world.”


~ Monty Python’s Flying Circus


It has taken over two decades and now it’s time to come forth. After living with fear and paranoia that my grandiose plans might be revealed before they were executed, I am coming forth and am admitting that the following stories are real and factual.


Over the last twenty years I architected a plot to bring about the New World Order with the help of a carefully chosen few. To carry it out, I attempted to run for the President of the United States to gain ultimate power. I was actually aiming at climbing to the top of these organizations and one day rule the world; United States, Russia, China, Europe, and all. In my imaginative mind, I thought I was going to be voted into the White House in 2012 on the independent ticket. Coincidentally, Election Day that year fell on my 41st  birthday.  I took that as a sign of divine providence.


To fulfill my prophesy, I joined the largest secret society known to man that has launched fourteen previous US Presidents, the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, a.k.a. the Freemasons. I even climbed up rapidly through the organization to the thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Master Mason; one degree short of the top of the hierarchy – the sublime and honorary 33rd degree.

My plot required the assistance from the secretive power elite that shared a similar globalist agenda such as members of the Bilderbergs, the Illuminati, the Carlisle Group and the Bohemian Grove. These are the people that really run the world.  I had the means to amass capital and raw power to move mountains and change the course of destiny, or so I thought.


Utilizing my Master’s degree in International Management from the top global business graduate school in the world, I went to work on secret government projects involving weapons of warfare that countered conventional terrorism as well as cyber-terrorism. They were considered part of “Top Secret America”, which was the rise of the New American Security State in a post 9/11 world.


Traveling, working and living in over forty countries, I accumulated numerous contacts in high offices of the U.S. government and global corporations, CIA, Pentagon, and the White House. My intentions were to create a global network of world leaders to rise to the top of the pyramid; the all-seeing eye.


Since 1999, I had been designing a plan whereby I’d gently press a red button on a predetermined date launching a series of operations that would change the course of events for mankind, undoubtedly for the better.  It was to be a peaceful revolution.


I confided in a select group of people, but ultimately I was the only person that knew about my plans for global domination. I closely guarded my thoughts in a series of secret, codified diaries that could not be deciphered.  They were written in the four different languages I learned; Portuguese, German, Spanish and English.  Many accounts contained a mixture of all four languages.


Does this sound like some megalomaniac scheme Hitler, Stalin or Mussolini would drum up? Perhaps it could have been like a story of an insane man that ends in a shooting spree, like the crazed gunman in the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay incident or the other massacre of children in Newtown, Connecticut or the high school kids from Stoneman Douglas in Florida. Luckily for humanity, nothing bad ever materialized out of my grandiose scheme, nor will it ever.

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