Welcome to the Neutron Timewave, a passage through the time-space continuum of Mr. Neutron, a.k.a. JP Driessen.  It contains an amalgamation of my memoirs, experiences, thoughts, ideas, political views and unbelievable stories that take you through a portal to my long, strange trip on Planet Earth.  It includes videos, graphics, and some music links that I hope you enjoy. 

Neutron's mantra is seeking TRUTH, being KIND, and having FUN!!!


This site contains the memoirs of my lifelong battle with mental illness accompanied by achievements accomplished in good mental health.  At 49 years old, I've lived a life rich with successes, hopes and fulfilled dreams, but not before enduring grave defeat and humiliation.  I wouldn't have it any other way had I another chance.

Over the course of my lifetime, I have captured many thoughts, recollections and reflections of significant chapters of my life that focus on my life with manic depression. Read further to see how Mr. Neutron aspired to rule the world and "the beyond" by becoming the President of the United States.  Was it for real, a delusion of grandeur, a prank or a political stunt?  Or all the above?  


Due to the sensitive and secretive nature of the stories, you must contact me first in order to obtain the password to read my book. 

The purpose of this website is to share a compilation of short stories that make up a fascinating thread my history.  Not everybody will be familiar of all topics touched, so I've created an introductory link to touch on The Pychedelic Experience, Mental Illness, Freemasonry, and Addiction & Recovery.  


This site is dedicated to all of the people in the world that are still suffering out there, be they mentally or physically ill, without a place to call home, nor even a person they can call a true friend.

Truth be told, I suffer from bipolar disorder and had problems with substance abuse in my past.  I take psychoactive medication to manage my symptoms along with tons of professional counseling by psychotherapists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, counselors and staff.   

Another way for me to cope with the symptoms of my illness is to share my story with others, not so you can learn from solely my achievements, but also from my failures. I encapsulating a timeline of my greatest achievements along with my many failures in this life story called the Manic Missions of Mr. Neutron.


Mr. Neutron interviewed by Harry Caray at a Phish show in Wrigley Field regarding his Presidential Campaign in '16 against Clinton and Trump. 

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My nickname, Mr. Neutron, refers to me while in manic or depressive states of mind that typically fall outside the realm of what could be called "normal". 


On the high (manic) side, I suffer from delusions of grandeur that with high probability lead to poor life choices.  I drink my own kool-aid, so to speak, and I contrive missions based on my warped thoughts and emotions, and little on reality; hence the title of my story.


On the low depressive side, usually following extreme mania, I fall into chronic periods of not being able to escape the black hole of laziness and negative self-talk. I've spent months at a time with crippling lethargy on the couch or in bed.

Apart from meeting society's expectations of being a good student and producing in life along a 'normal' path, I must say I have done and experienced some crazy stuff in my life from following the Grateful Dead and Phish to over 200 concerts to working, traveling, and studying in over 45 countries. 


Without any success, I campaigned to be the President of the United States for the Libertarian Party and put myself in front a lot of important people in my life with my claim to want to fill the Oval Office.  Boy did that fall flat on its face.....kinda.  Many were proud I had the cojones to do it.

Some of my achievements include:

- Hit a home run over center field to win a little league championship 

- Graduated from  #1 MBA school in International Management  

- Jumped out of a plane

- Graduated with honors from Santa Clara University - Int'l Business

- Got married in a helicopter in Las Vegas on Halloween in 1999

- Sold encryption software to ex-CIA operatives

- Raised to the sublime or third degree of the Freemasons

- Initiated into a Scottish Knights Templar order in Edingurgh, Scotland

Some of the wild and crazy things I've done while manic include:

- Mistook my father for Saddam Hussein in a delirium

- Attended over 400 rock concerts

- Dove off an 80 foot cliff in Greece

- Had a psychotic break & thought I was Jesus Christ in Switzerland

- Dove off a bridge at night into a raging European river with clothes

- Unsuccessfully tried to reach Pope John Paul II to confess my sins

- Knocked on the White House door to tell Bush where Osama was

- Purportedly threatened the life of President Obama and Trump

- Devised a plan to capture Osama bin Laden

- Tried to book a 3-night run of the Grateful Dead in Egypt in 2012

- Outer body experience in the king's chamber of the Great Pyramid

- Promoted a concert on the National Mall to uproot Trump

- Devised a plan to rule the world

- Ran for President of the United States in '12, '16, and '20  

Joseph (J.P.) Patton Driessen Jr. is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in International Finance from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California.

He received his Master’s in International Management degree from Thunderbird, School of Global Management located in Glendale, Arizona ranked #1 in the world for international business. He has worked in both private and public sectors ranging from education, healthcare, import/export, information technology, and international real estate. He has lived in Europe, Australia and Latin America. He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ.


I am a currently the Talent Acquisition Manager for the Grateful Hotel in Costa Rica booking Grateful Dead artists to play in my buddy's hotel.  Prior to that I was a small time concert promoter and event producer in Phoenix, Arizona. 


My main strength is connecting people with common goals around the globe.  I have been a follower of the Grateful Dead and Phish for over 30 years and wish for the jam band scene to proliferate as much as possible. "Let there be songs to fill the air.


Wedding in NYC ‘06.jpg

The Manic Missions of Mr. Neutron

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