New World Order

The New World Order is upon us this very moment.  The following video is to provoke thought and conversation.  The narrator is full of shit in my humble opinion, but strikes on several relevant topics of discussion.  These are not my personal views, especially the Satanic worship of global leaders and rule of the Zionists.   The battle of global domination is being fought on many different esoteric levels that the masses can not comprehend.  


The question at hand is whether GOOD will prevail over EVIL or vice versa.  I believe it is mankind's duty to restore TRUTH and JUSTICE.  My personal contribution is to lead by example with Christian values to prepare for our entry into the Promised Land and beyond.  That is not to say I believe Jesus was/is our Savior, nor the Son of God, but rather an archetypal symbol of all that is good and compassionate about mankind.


Being a Master Mason, I believe in the immortality of the soul and life everlasting, mainly in the form of a consciousness yet revealed to man.  For those who are unaware there is a battle that started in the fourteenth century between the freethinking Knights Templar, originally a Papal order, and the Holy Roman Empire led by the Pope and the King of France,  The Templars became too rich and powerful owning the international banking system they invented.  On Friday the 13th, 1307 the Templars were rounded up across Europe and the Middle East and were tortured and executed including the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacque de Molay.

There is not much historical evidence regarding the Templars, who went underground for several centuries; however, an order emerged in modern day England called the Freemasons.  They were a product of the Age of Enlightenment, the most famous of which was George Washington, leader of the American Revolution who sought to bring principals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and end the dominion of the King of England.  

Since 1738, the Catholic Church continues to prohibit membership in Freemasonry because it concluded that Masonic principles and rituals are irreconcilable with Catholic doctrines.  Joining the Masons is considered a sin with a penalty of excommunication from the Church. 


In my delusional mind, I thought that should I be elected President of the United States, I would vow to reconcile the differences which will be played out in the Vatican City with the current Pope Francis.  This would be a battle that would aide in setting the stage for a New World Order that includes the resolution of peace in the Middle East.

Savior? Or the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

Over the last twenty years I architected a plot to bring about the New World Order through the "Hand of God" through His divine providence.   


To carry it out, I attempted to run for the 45th President of the United States in 2016 to gain ultimate power. I was actually aiming at climbing to the top of these organizations and one day rule the world; United States, Russia, China, Europe, and all. In my imaginative mind, I thought I was going to be voted into the White House in 2012 as an independent.  Coincidentally, Election Day that year fell on my 41st birthday. I took that as a sign from God the Creator.

I joined the largest secret society known to man that has launched fourteen previous Presidents, the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, a.k.a. the Freemasons. I even climbed up rapidly through the organization to the thirty-second degree Scottish Rite Master Mason; one degree short of the top of the

hierarchy – the sublime and honorary 33rd degree.

My plot required the assistance from the secretive power elite that shared a similar globalist agenda such as members of the Bilderbergs, the Illuminati, the Carlisle Group and the Bohemian Grove. I had the means to amass capital and raw power to move mountains and change the course of destiny.

Utilizing my Master’s degree in International Management from the top global business graduate school in the world, I went to work on secret government projects involving weapons of warfare that countered conventional terrorism as well as cyber-terrorism. They were considered part of “Top Secret America”,

which was the rise of the New American Security State in a post 9/11 world.


Traveling, working and living in over forty countries, I accumulated numerous contacts in high offices of the U.S. government and global corporations, CIA, Pentagon, and the White House. My intentions were to create a global network of world leaders to rise to the top of the pyramid; the all-seeing eye.


Since 1999, I had been designing a plan whereby I’d gently press a red button on a predetermined date launching a series of operations that would change the course of events for mankind, undoubtedly for the better. It was to be a peaceful revolution.

I confided in a select group of people, but ultimately I was the only person that knew about my plans for global domination. I closely guarded my thoughts in a series of codified, secret diaries that could not be

deciphered. They were written in four different languages; many accounts were a mixture of the four.

Over the past two years, the world has watched the leader of the free world corrupt the meaning of TRUTH, COMPASSION and MORAL VIRTUE, which has inspired me to stand up for humanity and run for the highest office in the land.